A Far Cry From the Outmoded "Mime" Styles of Today, Renowned Pantomime
Actor/Director Cary Trivanovich Sets Forth An Outstanding Approach to Mime

The Impact of Our Concert and Student Performances

Emails and Letters Written to Cary Trivanovich

“I can’t convey to you how deeply profound and meaningful I found your performance… you are so inspiring and incredibly moving…  Thank you so much – you don’t know what you have done for me.”
– Tiffany from Napa, CA

“The depth and range of your performance touched me in a way that few plays or movies ever have.
I wanted to thank you for opening my eyes to what art really is.”
– MarichelleAnn from a theatre conference in CA

“I felt truly compelled to write you and tell you how deeply you touched me… You will never really know how much your show meant to me.”
– Makila from Lincoln, NE

“Sir – Thank you for saving my life.  Last week I decided that I was worth nil.  In a couple days I was going to kill myself.  Today you made me laugh for the 1st time in weeks and I think I’ll get help.  You don’t realize.”
– A note handed to Cary by a young lady after a high school assembly in Monterey, CA

“That was the most moving performance I have ever seen on any stage.  Thank you for what you have done for me.”
– A woman following a performance at a storytelling festival

“I had the privilege of chaperoning our high school students to the recent Thespian Conference in St. George.  I can honestly tell you that I am not a fan of mime.  However, the experience of watching you perform was truly awesome…. I became aware of this young man next to me, sobbing.  These were not just little tears rolling down the cheeks, he was deeply and emotionally sobbing… what was being portrayed on stage, was such a powerful art form, that it reached this inner part of this young man… I am grateful that I could witness your performance and I am deeply grateful for the God given talents that you as an artist have been given.”
– A woman from a state theatre conference in Utah

“I can’t even tell you enough how much you have touched my heart so deeply…”
– A student from Fresno, California

“I just wanted to say that I laughed my butt 🙂 off, and I was also deeply touched by your last performance.  It totally opened my eyes and made me realize how precious my life as a teen is.  I’ve experimented with marijuana before; but, after your last
performance it made me think.  I finally came to the conclusion that I wouldn’t do any drugs again.  The “Gift of Life” touched me on a personal level, and made me realize that I want to stay young as long as I can; and, that doing drugs is not a good way to do so.  I just wanted to say thank you for your aide, and that I will NEVER forget today’s performance.  Again, you have touched my heart and I want to let you know that you have saved my life, and my adolescence.  You are a true saint and no one will ever be able to replace what you have done for me today.”
– Michelle from Woodcreek, CA

“Your production on the stages of life touched my heart like I could have never imagined.  It made me appreciate life and the gift of living.  I am a large, you know, tough looking guy and I broke down and cried because your production struck so deep into my heart.”
– Kevin from El Dorado Hills, CA