A Far Cry From the Outmoded "Mime" Styles of Today, Renowned Pantomime
Actor/Director Cary Trivanovich Sets Forth An Outstanding Approach to Mime

Directing Your Students for a Performance in Your Theatre

A student in performance.

Directing Your Students for a Performance in Your Theatre

Cary Trivanovich will travel to your theatre location to direct your students in a revolutionary ensemble pantomime performance.  Ideally entitled Finally, Pantomime Like This, this production sets forth not only how highly entertaining mime can be in theatre, but also how powerful and moving this art can be.  The students’ performance will consist of solo, duet, and ensemble pantomimes created by Cary Trivanovich and his artistic director, Robert Manning, as well as pantomimes created by the students.  In this performance the tone is varied, giving the audience a well-rounded performance experience of true-to-life non-verbal theatre, comedy/slapstick, heartfelt drama, suspense, as well as dance incorporated with mime.  The duration of the rehearsal/production process can be one to four weeks, depending on the sophistication and size of the production.

Technical needs for the student performance involve the use of your theatre facility, technical staff, lighting and sound system.  This production is technically economical, as there are no sets and the wardrobe and make-up are simple.  Inquire with Mr. Trivanovich about drawing up a unique technical plot for a performance in your theatre.

An Important Notice to College/University Theatre Instructors

Prices vary depending on the location and the length of the production process.  Please contact Mr. Trivanovich’s office for availability and prices.

“What an experience to see an audience of 1000 plus students and faculty entranced for an hour by the student ensemble performance.  To have our expectations of ‘mime’ shattered by something that phenomenal was truly something to behold.  The entire audience was in hysterical laughter one minute, moved to tears the next, and amazed throughout.  Our standing ovations were but a prelude to what will remain with us for years to come.”
Mark Daniels of the Utah Theatre Association